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Kitchen School of Food & Cookery

Where you find your inner chef

Birmingham has come to expect nothing less than enterprising and innovative food events popping up around the city. Kitchen School is no different. We are here to bring a new dimension to the food scene in Birmingham.

Our food & cookery school immerses the diner and food enthusiast with a memorable experience of cooking and eating, combined with holistic seed to plate learning. Our classes are led by Birmingham’s best chefs, suppliers or producers and restaurants.

Kitchen is a food & cookery school serving courses for the absolute beginner to the accomplished cook across Birmingham and the West Midlands.

We are inviting you to join the food revolution.

Our mission is to convert everyone into passionate cooks and foodies. We have a varied programme of courses throughout the day and evening packed full of good food and knowledge.

chef 5Working with our team of resident chefs we can help you to:

  • Develop your food and cookery skills.
  • Improve your diet and nutritional understanding
  • Refine and modernise your recipe collection.


Our school has two locations in Edgbaston and Digbeth. We also host pop-up events in restaurants, schools, community kitchens and can come to your home for private tuition.

Why come to Kitchen?
1. A fantastic food experience

Enjoy a memorable experience of cooking and eating with like minded people. We teach skills that you will remember for life that you can take into your own kitchen to nourish your family and friends.

2. Our motto: flavour, flavour and flavour.hazlenuts_

We are going to develop your palate. Why else would you want to know more about cookery than to make home cooked food taste so much better? How else will you eat better unless it tastes better?

We show you how to bring your kitchen to life and make it the centre of your home.

3. We bring the best culinary knowledge to you.

Everything you need to make amazing food and smart choices that will save you money, develop your understanding of flavour and give you kitchen confidence.

Leading chefs, culinary arts lecturers and passionate home cooks are working with us. We’ve found the best suppliers, producers and makers across the region and we want to share this information so you know where to shop for the best ingredients.

Our programme covers different cultural styles of cookery with different levels of ability.

4. Our nutritional motto: Don’t eat anything your grandmother wouldn’t recognise as food.

5. We care that much we grow our own food.


Kitchen’s Director Jayne Bradley has a background in teaching sustainable food systems. Jayne soon realised that to improve our diets we need to change our current food culture.

Nutritional advice like 5-a-day is pointless when our current food culture promotes ready meals and fast food. We need to put skills central to our food culture – to make good food and cookery easy – then with those skills you can tackle what you eat.

The majority of the cookery classes will be held at Jayne’s own kitchen in Edgbaston and some at the Kitchen Garden (Edible Eastside) in Digbeth. We are easily accessible to people and families within the Midlands. We are happy to help recommend travel and accommodation options for any visitors travelling to us from across the UK.

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