Welcome to Kitchen School


Welcome to Kitchen School of Food & Cookery

A note from the Director, Jayne Bradley


After many months of delays and lease hold-ups, Kitchen School of Food & Cookery has arrived.

For those who have been following us, we were due to open in September 2013 at The School Yard in Harborne. However, we couldn’t reach an agreement with the Landlord that would work for either party.  It was a tough decision to walk away from a project I had originally conceived.

Meanwhile, as the house we were due to buy at The School Yard also fell through, my husband Bob Ghosh (architect on The School Yard) and I bought a house in Edgbaston. We love our new house – a renovation project of a late Victorian Villa with views of the famous Two Towers. It occurred to us both that our newly refurbished kitchen could accommodate lots of people.

It didn’t take long for us to realise what was staring us in the face. Whilst we progress our search and discussions with new landlords for the right premises for a cookery school, let’s just get started now with a Pop-Up Cookery School right here. Let’s just do it!

So here I am finally, a mile or so from the original location, but teaching people home cookery in a home. It is as simple as that.

One good outcome from the delays is that I had time to go to cookery school myself. I attended the well-known Ashburton Cookery School in Devon, and took a professional certificate in cookery.

In many other ways the ethos and plans for Kitchen School are the same. We will be working with chefs, cookery tutors and passionate home cooks to bring a diverse and popular programme of courses for beginners and enthusiastic foodies wanting new experiences.

As you will see from the website, we have a resident chef Chris Hughes working with us to develop our courses, something we are really pleased to offer.

For the absolute beginner our class will begin with Boiling an Egg! Seriously, we will teach the rudiments of home cookery and food on budget. These classes are affordable for those who are looking to cook to save money and make meals go further.

We are also offering a Saturday Kitchen for Kids.

Our new addition is a Seasonal Supper Club introduced by our chef Chris pairing seasonal ingredients for maximum favour with an emphasis on dining as much as cooking.

We are bringing Birmingham favourites like Epi Restaurant who will work with us and Masterchef finalist Claire Hutchins will be here for our Christmas events.

Kitchen School builds upon the success of Edible Eastside in Digbeth my first venture into food. Edible Eastside is in its’ third season of food growing and is expanding its membership base each year. We don’t preach about organics or bio diversity at the garden we let the garden speak for itself.

Like the Cookery School, we want people to just enjoy it and find something memorable – then I think the learning is achieved.

For those that have been following Kitchen and were disappointed it didn’t open in Harborne, accept my apologies for the delays. Please give us a try and join our food revolution!