Welcome. You have found Birmingham’s most exciting food resource for the urban foodie!

We TEACH cookery, plant growing and urban foraging. We teach all types and regions of cookery but we offer a SUSTAINABLE twist on our menus. 

We EAT wild and planet friendly food at our SUPPER CLUBS and

CATER for your event with our unique take on food.

We also MAKE our own products to sell

We HOST your event, dinner, party because being food is all about bringing people together.

We also HOST food people to TALK about their food journeys and cook for us.

A little about us.

We began in 2011 as a community food garden called Edible Eastside. It was a pioneering scheme in urban agriculture, offering a strategy for eating and living sustainably. Then, in 2014 we started the cookery school. Whilst we grew our own food, talked food miles, organic growing and sourcing wild and uncultivated foods, we felt we needed to actually teach people how to cook this amazing, natural produce.

The garden closed in 2016 but we kept the cookery school open, moved it close to the site of Edible Eastside and renamed it Kitchen: Urban Artisan Food School.

What does this mouthful of a name mean?

URBAN  means we source as much as we can from this city. This includes literally allotment produce, food growing wild in the city,  recycled and waste food. 

ARTISAN as in the craft of cookery and making food, we’re not interested in industrialised food and factory farming.

FOOD is more than staying alive, it’s food culture, food heritage and food politics. it’s our way of life and we love that.

SCHOOL  is a place to learn and you will come away knowing a whole lot more about food. 

We plough profits into work with schools, community groups and develop programmes with people who need our skills and experience to improve their lives and diets.