Artisan Friday


Our beginners classes are generally held on Fridays.  Designed for the beginner cook, these are short taster classes designed so you can have a go and learn some classic cookery techniques.

We run the classes in rotation, each class introduces basic aspects of cookery that builds in to a core beginners programme. You can chose one class or do them all – it’s up to you. We also vary the recipes slightly in each category, so some weeks we focus upon bread in Baking week, another time it might be cakes. If you have a recipe in mind that you need help with, then please ask me to introduce it.

We tend to cover 2-3 cooking techniques outlined in the classes below, then we finish with one completed dish.  We discuss the cost of ingredients, where to buy them and the nutritional value of the dishes.

Level 1 – Kitchen Confidence

The classes include:

1. Stocks and Sauces – how to make stock and with that make two culinary sauces – a roux and a reduction method to create delicious sauces. A must for understanding how to make the perfect gravy and other sauces to accompany your food.

2. Knife Skills – how to chop like an expert. The only equipment a true cook needs is a good sharp knife. Impress your family and friends with your quick cutting skills. We show you how to cut vegetables, debone, and fillet a fish.

3. Baking – Pastry, Bread & Sponges  An introduction to bakery; shortcrust pastry, quick flaky pastry, classic sponges and basic bread dough. We create some modern classic dishes, like French Tart Tatin, savoury pies and simple cakes and fresh homemade bread.

4. Healthy Food – In this week we prepare some healthy eating options like stir fry dishes, noodle soups, superfood salads and some delicious recipes for beans and pulses. Low fat, low carb, high fibre and meat free options too.

5. Comfort Food – If you love British Food – stop here! We look at some classic dishes that we’ve forgotten how to make – Stew & Dumplings, Lancashire Hot Pot, Faggots & Peas and Toad in the Hole. Winter never tasted so good.

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Kitchen Confidence classes are £75 and run from 10.00pm – 2.30pm on Fridays.  All ingredients and equipment is provided at our kitchen, you just need to come along and be eager to learn!