Join us to release that inner chef!

We have two different types of sessions on offer. 

For beginners and those that want to dip their toe in the water only, we present Take Away Cooks, a 2.5-hour session on a Friday evening making 1 or 2 dishes that you take home. This class allows you to see what you think about a longer class (we offer 10% off a full day class).

Take Away Cooks is also intended to be a Friday night social.  Join us for a glass a wine, cook your own supper and relax.

Day School

Our more advanced classes are our day classes where you will work with a chef, producer or professional cook for the day. These are great for the foodie or enthusiastic cook looking to develop their personal cooking skills for the kitchen, rather than for complete beginners.

At this level, we assume some basic level of competence in the kitchen, but we don’t expect you to have any knowledge other than what you have found out for yourself cooking for yourself,  family and friends and of course a passion for good food!

We have themed these classes around classic recipe books, introducing a more literary feel to the classes and to bring you the recipes that have shaped our school and ways of thinking about food.

You will be taught skills that are taught to professionals in kitchen, how to slow down, or speed up your cooking, how to correct mistakes and basically try new dishes and techniques. 

Day cookery courses take place on a Friday and Saturday, start at 10.00am and finish at 3.00pm. The class includes lunch with wine, food to take home and handouts of recipes. Day masterclasses are usually £100 depending upon the menu. 

Take Away Cooks

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We are introducing a beginners cookery classes on a Friday. Classes are for complete beginners who are keen to develop their kitchen confidence. Classes will consist of techniques in knife skills, working with sauces and meat.

Each month we will offer new areas of cookery so you can keep coming along and develop your cookery skills. Classes will include bread, pastry, stocks and sauces, meat and simple one-pot cookery. 

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