Budget & Basics – 2 (Vitamins & Vegetables)

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Tuesday 7th October 2014



This is a course for beginners who want to cook better on a budget and learn the basics to become good home cooks.

We will show you some basics that will get you started and can adapt for several kinds of meals and how one dish can be used in many different ways.

Each week we will highlight one area of cookery over 6 weeks but at the end of each evening, you will have mastered at least one dish you can take home.

For week 2 we focus on vegetables. How to cut, wash, and cook vegetables to perfection. Most people take their vegetables for a swim in a pan before cooking them to death. We will consider how best to cook your vegetables to ensure you retain at much vitamins and goodness as possible. We look at the various vegetable cuts, seasoning and then we finish with a vegetable dish to take home.

For our Vitamins &Vegetables week, we will be teaching the following:

  1. How to chop a vegetable
  2. How to cook your greens and your root vegetables
  3. The perfect roast potato
  4. We will finish with either a Spanish Omelette or Vegetable Gratin






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Date(s) - 07/10/2014
6:30 pm - 10:00 pm


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