Happy Monday at Bar Opus

logo opus barphoto-1414235077428-338989a2e8c0Learn to cook with us at Bar Opus.

We are delighted to be bringing our convivial style of cookery to Bar Opus.

Reflecting the style and ambience of Bar Opus, we have chosen classes to suit the mood of the venue with delicious classic bar style snacks, brunches and bistro food which we all love to eat when we’re out.

Our cookery classes are a unique opportunity to get into the Bar Opus Kitchen and cook your own supper!

The format for the class is to gather around the kitchen area where there will be a demonstration of the dishes then the students get into the kitchen to cook for themselves.  In our usual lively and relaxed style, we will create a great foodie night out, cooking, eating and drinking in the kitchen.

The classes are held on the last Monday of the month at 6.30pm until 9.30pm.  Classes are £40 per person or £100 for three classes (use code OPUS to receive your discount.)

(Vegetarian options for each class, please make us aware of any dietary requirements you have).