Kitchen School has ceased trading. Kitchen School has ceased trading.

Bread Club: A Bread Education Service

Bread Club is a community bakery project established to educate and impassion the public on real bread and the joy of baking your own. There really is no better joy than watching dough prove and bread rise and bake. The smell is heavenly. 

Kitchen School has teamed up with Albert Smith to bring a bread education service, a bakery without a bakery. We hold regular break making classes at Kitchen School, including our Sourdough Surgery for all your starter anxieties. 

The main aim of the project is to take our bread passion to schools, communities and food festivals, getting people to buy and bake real bread. we want to break bread with the community and get them to make their own bread (and not buy the doughy additive filled sliced stuff.)

We bring everything you need to the class, even the ovens. Our USP is how to make bread with little equipment, gadgets and fancy tricks. We demonstrate how to make bread without kneading (if your not very fit), how to make bread without yeast, we can even make bread without flour....The possibilities are endless.

What we can't avoid is time. Bread making takes time - so Albert tells us stories while we wait for our bread.

If you wish to book our Bread Education Service email us on or call Jayne on 07970730646.