Kitchen School has ceased trading. Kitchen School has ceased trading.

Cookery School @ Fidget Pie

The Cookery School @ Fidget Pie is unlikely to be open until August 2022 although we will be setting up and refurbishing Flowerdews from April.

There will be two types of class: a full day on a Wednesday and 1/2 day classes on Thursday and Saturdays.

1. Every Wednesday is masterclass day

11am-6pm                                                                                       £175.00

We will hold an all day masterclass for the accomplished cook who wants to immerse themselves in a day with a chef or learn a new skill.

We will generally cook three courses. Students will eat each course as we make it in the dining room, paired with wines (or you can take home). The day ends with your dessert, a relaxing finish at the end of the day after an intensive day in the kitchen. You will learn the principles of cookery process, tips from chefs on how to improve your time management and importantly how to take your cooking to the next level.

Classes will include:

  • Nose to Tail Butchery
  • Fish Cookery
  • Bread Making for Beginners
  • The Perfect Steak
  • The Perfect Plant
  • Stress Free Dinner Parties
  • Baking / Pastry
  • Cooking for Health
  • Pie Making
  • Spanish Tapas
  • Italian Pasta and Sauces
  • Inspired by Ottolenghi
  • Indian Cookery
  • Salt Fat Acid Heat 
  • French Classic Cookery


Thursday Mornings and Saturday Mornings 

11am-2pm                                                                                           £60.00 

The half-day classes are designed more for beginners and improvers. we will take you through the basics of creating a dish from scratch in a regional or British cuisine. There will be lots of tips shared and you will leave with a better understand of what makes a great dish for your health and tastebuds. We will usually make one dish which we will eat for lunch. 

Classes include:

  • Stocks and Sauces
  • One Pot Cookery
  • Celebration Cakes
  • Building your store cupboard
  • Healthy Living
  • Low Carb for Diabetics 
  • Home made sausages 
  • Home made pastry
  • Baking for beginners
  • Salads and Raw Food Cookery 
  • No-Knead bread
  • Sourdough - over 2 days 
  • Paella and Risotto 
  • Taste Thesaurus - learning to pair foods