Kitchen School has ceased trading. Kitchen School has ceased trading.

Kid's Kitchen

On the first Saturday of every month (mostly) we teach children to cook.

This is a chance for your child to really get stuck into cooking. Are they budding chefs? Do you want to encourage your child to extend their knowledge and experience of food or learn to be independent in the kitchen?

This is their chance to spend quality time creating their own masterpieces. They improve their reading by following recipes, enhance their numerical skills by learning about different measuring units. The best bit? They get to take home what they have made and share with the rest of their family. Their confidence soars as they work as a team with others and by learning a new life skill together.

 Each session is specifically created to inspire and stimulate even the most timid of taste buds! Each recipe is carefully selected for its nutritional value so that your child gains a taste for good, healthy food that is fun too! All the hassle of preparing and tidying up is taken out of your hands leaving you with just the fun bit their creations!


The classes begin at 11am and end at 2pm. We take children from aged 9 to 14 years.