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Menu for Change


Slow Food’s international “Food for Change” campaign has been launched to offer solutions starting from our everyday actions and to support our international projects, which through our network strengthen clean local economies, fair trade and foods that are part of our heritage. Food must be both a pleasure and a way to care for our planet.

As part of Slow Food's campaign, Slow Food Birmingham will be hosting its second Menu for Change series of events. These events are designed to prompt you to think about the changes you can make on a daily basis to how you eat in relation to climate chnage mitigation. They will bring together some of Birmingham’s most brilliant chefs as we meet, eat and talk about the issues for food in a climate-aware world. sign up to our newsletter for more details closer to the date.

As part of our contribution, Kitchen School is participating with Slow Food Birmingham's Menu for Change, with a number of classes you can join over the next few months.

Our colleague, Spice Club Birmingham is presenting an Indian class on using leftovers on 3rd October 2019 at Kitchen School. In this very special class we will placing a special emphasis on recycling food and leftovers and teaching you how to “pimp your veggies” and transform them into mouth watering Indian street food snacks.

In January we will be hoding a one day class on ethical and sustainable eating called, Ethicurean Cookery on 19th January 2020. We will cook 3-4 dishes that combine strategies for sustainable living such as minimum waste, understaing how to check where food comes from, using found foods and lowering your plate's carbon footprint.