Kitchen School has ceased trading. Kitchen School has ceased trading.


The cookery school has left Birmingham. It was a big decision to make but after Covid it felt like an uphill struggle to come back and try to reset the business. A new start was needed. 

I had moved to Bromyard in January 2020 with the full intention of resuming the cookery school in Birmingham as normal. Covid had different plans for me and by March we realised we had to choose Birmingham or Bromyard to spend our lockdown. The rest as they say - is history.

Kitchen School continued the children's classes over the last 2 years, whenever we were allowed. It offered continuity in the midst of change for the children and for the business. We love working with children and felt they needed some social activity and fun where possible. We think children were the unsung heroes of the pandemic. 

In 2021 I started looking for projects in Bromyard under the heading Foodscapes. I've always liked the name and being surrounded by rolling hills and a very active rural food scene, I realised I was living in the land of foodscapes. I wanted Kitchen School to be part of it. 

Having thought a cookery school in Bromyard wouldn't work (because rural people can usually cook!), I changed my mind.

I miss the diverse food offer in Birmingham, I miss having a night of trying new things, food experiences and nights with friends. basically, I'm going to try and bring what I miss about a city eating to Bromyard.

Let's hope Bromyard people and visitors like my brand of informal food stories and lessons. The new school will be a Cookery School and a Tasting Room. To find out more, click here.

Jayne Bradley