Kitchen School has ceased trading. Kitchen School has ceased trading.

Kitchen Culture

We Are What We Eat 

Our company name is Kitchen School.

Culture is defined as our way of life, our habits, ideas, values, traditions, religion, forms of expression (art), social behaviour, these are shared across society. 

Excellence of taste in the fine arts and humanities is also known as high culture. We think of people with taste as cultured. Creative people are valued because they are brilliant at expressing what it is to be human and a part of this sometimes crazy world.

But we are are all cultured, because we all express ourselves and take part in our communities and society. 

We think all forms of expression are important and equal. Is a chef as good as an artist in terms of their creative expression? We think they are.

Is cooking for your friends and family an expression of your creativity? YES! Often is it easier than writing a song, or making art because the materials (ingredients) are so familiar to us.

Coming together as a family or community via food is one of the oldest expressions of our way of life; our culture. We think of recipes like story telling; something we can pass on through generations, a link to our past. Something that tells us something about who we are.

We talk about Food Culture to explain our food habits and preferences. When we cook we like to work with artists, chefs, gardeners and urbanists to tell the story of food because we believe that we can improve our lives (health and well being) through culture and that includes eating and cooking.

Food is one of the best expressions of our culture and is often the first thing we want to try in order to learn about other cultures. What does Pizza tell us about Italy (or is it now an American food)?

Kitchen Culture's mission is to try to understand ourselves and our lives through food.