Kitchen School has ceased trading. Kitchen School has ceased trading.

Sunday School

In our secular world, what do you believe in? What do you do on a Sunday?

At Kitchen School, unsurprisingly, we spend Sundays cooking. Sunday cooks are the best!  It's relaxed cooking for family and friends, or just for themselves. Sometimes, if you're me, it's a day for a bit of batch cooking for the week ahead, home cooked food ready to go.

All of our adult cookery classes are held on Sundays. A day for rest, where you can simply relax, be your best foodie self and cook, talk, (drink wine) and eat.

People ask what Kitchen School teaches, what's our USP? Our theme? The answer is simple - We teach people how to be better cooks.

We equip you with an incredibly useful toolbox of kitchen skills, which most recipes don't show you. We teach you some of the most useful kitchen techniques around, giving you the confidence to successfully create delicious dishes at home.

We teach good kitchen management, knife skills, and how to prepare, cook and present fresh produce to really bring out the flavours in your dishes.

By the end of the day we think you'll feel more confident and chilled in the kitchen. You'll be able to feed family & friends delicious, nutritious and luxurious dishes.

Our eclectic range of classes reflect what we think are contemporary thinking on food. From Elizabeth David to Ottolenghi, we show you techniques, authentic dishes, develop your palate and help you to become a better cook.

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