Team Building

Would you tell your boss that his or her cooking skills weren’t very good?

We find that once in a kitchen, your boss may no longer be in charge.

Welcome to Team Food!  We have had some amazing clients and some great nights taking teams through a hot cooking session. Kitchens demand a team approach so if you want to test your team, take them to the kitchen. 

For example, process orientated people read recipes, while some are so motivated by results and getting the job done quickly they fail to get it right. At Kitchen we have seen it all, some people wanting to run away, some wanting to get stuck in immediately and those who quite frankly, come for the beer.

Cookery classes have the potential to accelerate the overall performance of the team by immersing them into a team activity where, if one fails, they all fail. Having said that, kitchens teach you that by working together, you can achieve so much more; the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

If you want to find out more about our team building sessions, click this flyer here for prices and menu ideas TEAM FOOD or visit our TEAM EVENTS page

See some images from our last team class with Virgin Holidays